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Driving Us Straight to Prison With Our Own Money

Criminal (In)Justice in D.C.

February 22, 2012 By: admin Category: Media

“The whole criminal justice system… needs to be dismantled,” Victoria Clark said outside DC Jail at a Presidents Day rally organized by Occupy DC’s Criminal (In)Justice Committee.

“We need to do away with for-profit prisons [because] when you make it so a company or corporation makes money off of locking people up there’s no incentive not to,” Clark, 24, toldTheFightBack.

All told, Clark’s family has spent more than a century behind bars, which didn’t seem unusual to her, until she left D.C. Looking at it from the outside “you realize how crazy it is to grow up with almost every other family member in prison,” said Clark, who recently graduated from Temple University.

Read the rest on The Fight Back.

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